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Jul 18

Open Belgian Championship Report

The 15th Belgian Opens took place from Sunday 19 till Tuesday 21 of July at Twinsclub Bredene, the epicenter of patin sailing at the Belgian Coast.

Splendid weather conditions ruled this event. The sky was mostly sunny and a 14-19 knots WSW breeze spoiled the patin sailors. The Race Committee, led by Dirk Sledsens on a very competently way, succeeded to organize the maximum of 7 regattas during these three days.

The attendance of a team of 9 Junior sailors from Catalonia didn’t stay unnoticed. These boys and girls from 12-17 year old and trainer Oriol formed a training group which some of our Juniors were eager to join. Finally, the Patin Junior fleet started with 15 competitors. Jan Heuninck, present Spanish and European Champion, with Flemish roots, won before the Catalan girls Nina Esteba and Paula Martin. Nathan Bossuyt became the First local Junior on a fifth place amid the Catalan force.

The Patin Class knew 20 competitors. Although the racing was not free of collisions and misunderstandings, the fair and friendly atmosphere typical to Patin sailing was predominant. Twinsclub provided the competitors and their companions with a most stylish regatta-polo and a delicious select barbecue the First evening. The concluding waffle baking after the last race – in pure Belgian comic strip tradition – was also a direct hit.

The Catalan Quim Esteba turned out to be the convincing winner of the Championship Patin. Simon Lerno ended second and took for the third consecutive time the Nosepasa Trophy of Belgian winner. The ever consistently sailing Bernard Bossuyt became third. After female absence for a few years, we could welcome this championshup the ever smiling, young Elise. Kristof with the young patinairos Robbert and Baptiste formed the podium of 2° category.

All competitors express their appreciation for all who contributed to the success of this Championship : Race Officer Dirk Sledsens and Jury and delegate of the Federation Freddy Vergauwen; the skipper and crew of the Navigator, the Twins boys in the RIBS, the ladies at the Race Secretary and scoring. The foreign traineeship and participation was an extraordinary contribution, thanks to the impulse of Wim & Isabelle and the supportive care of instructors, beachmaster and trainer. And in conclusion our sincere thanks to Johan, Patrick, Nathalie, Ann and the whole Twinsclub crew !


Feb 14

Visit Patin.be on the Belgian Boat Show With the new season arriving, the most important dates are added to the calendar. Be sure to check it out! No more excuses to miss our main events now.

Besides the classic Belgian Championship, accompagnied by a Junior Clinic the week before, all regatta's are sailed together with the Ostend Cup organisation.

Also, this & next weekend you can find us at the Belgian Boat Show (Flanders Expo Gent). You are welcome to drop by and can find us at the Sailing@Ostend post in hall 7.

Jul 29

Website update It was very quiet on our website these last months. Luckily this was not the same at our Belgian waters! But halfway through the season it is time for an update.

First of all, the calendar section is updated with the latest reports, results, pictures and movies. You can now relive the Pinksterregatta, Bar Race, Volta a Menorca and Belgian Championship online.

Secondly, a preliminary ranking for the sailing season 2014 is made. Being present at the regatta's is half the work to climb the ladder. Be sure to check it out and join the regatta's.

As a third, you can find a link to our Facebook and Google+ account above (see the top right of the site). Be sure to like the Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

The fourth update is thanks to Bernard:

Apr 21

Sailing season 2014 coming With the new season arriving, the most important dates are added to the calendar. Be sure to check it out! No more excuses to miss our main events now.

Let the other sailors know you're coming. Each event has a special inscription form. The entry form has been simplified. A password is no longer required. Just give in your boatname and boatnumber to subscribe.

Also, be sure to check out the newly added testimonials and sailing tips (trim, bouy rounding, ...) on the information page. Or relive the Belgian / European Championship by reading the reports or viewing some pictures here.

As teaser for the season 2014:

Aug 27

Report BK and EK 2013 online

With the big races over, it was time for the website to be updated. On the calendar page two reports are added. You can also find the results of both races together with a link to the pictures.

Enjoy and hope to see you soon!

Jun 03

European Championship 2013 No doubt about it, this years European Championship Patin a Vela will be yet another superb event. Mark the dates August 15, 16 and 17 in your agenda. Not only for those keen on sailing, but everybody enjoying the festivities hosted by Twinsclub and Nosepasa.

A special webpage containing all you need to know about this European Championship has been developed.

Subscribe for the European Championship 2013 here

Download the Notice of Race here

Jun 03

Postponed Pinkster Regatta Due to heavy wind during Pinkster weekend (although the sun was shining), the Pinkster regatta is postponed until Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of June. It will be a mixed recreational and competitive regatta. On Saturday 14h,a long distance to De Haan is scheduled. Sunday races will commence from 12h.

Who will claim the first Adipav circuit regatta?

You can find the full notice of race here

May 20

Volta a Menorca 2012 report Kristof was - based on the selection races at the Pinkster Regatta - the Belgian candidate for last years Volta a Menorca. Besides defending the Belgian honour, stealing some Spanish sailing tricks and having a good time, Nosepasa also demanded a trip report.

You can now read this report on this page here (added in the calendar of 2012) and see the pictures of the trip in the gallery here.

Sept 15

Last sailing weekends of season 2012 September is traditionally our last sailing month. We started of on the 1st of September for a practice race in Twinsclub. The report and results can be found in the calendar or on this page here.

This weekend (Sunday 16 September) Johan again arranged his sailing crew for a nice day of sailing. If your willing to join, see you at 13h on the beaches.

Our closing weekend (29th and 30th of September) will bring much of joy. Even some Spanish patinairo('s) will join. Keep the date free in your agenda's. Hope to see you all then!

Aug 24

Jacob claims the Belgian Championship 2012 Just when it was needed the most, summertime arrived. A total of 21 patins geared up on the beaches of Bredene, bathing in sun, to give their best at the Open Belgian Championship 2012.

After this splendid weekend where everybody gave his best effort (sea, sun, sailors, regattateam, Twinsclub) Gerard took the victory to Spain and Jacob went home with the cup.

More information (a report, pictures and results) can be found in the calendar or on this page here.

Aug 01

Open Belgian Championship Patin 2012 approaching The day we have all been training for is approaching. Friday 10th of August at 4 pm the first race of the Open Belgian Championship Patin will be sailed. It is an 'Open' Championship because again there will be competition from abroad. All details concerning the event can be found in the Notice of Race here.

Please let us know if you will join the party. Send us an email with the boat, sailnumber and crew and the amount of supporters.

Special information for foreigners can be found on the last page of the Notice of Race. Check it out!

Jun 30

European Championship Patin 2012 From July 12th till July 15th, Club Maritim Torredembarra will celebrate its first regatta 'INTERCAT RACE VILA DE TORREDEMBARRA'. This competition welcomes all sailors of the classes Patín a vela and Patín Junior and counts as the 'COPA D' EUROPA' or European Cup. But Club Maritim Torredembarra opens up the race, for the first time, to the Catamaran Classes. There is scheduled 1 training day, which will take place on July 12th, and 3 racing days. Each day, there will be three race areas dividing the different fleets in order to guarantee a high standard competition.

Club Maritim and the village Torredembarra warmly welcome all sailors, they are sure you will enjoy sailing in their waters.

More information can be found on their website

Jun 30

IV Volta a Menorca 2012 As e-mailed to all members on 8 june, a member of the Belgian Patin a Vela fleet is invited to join the 4th edition of the 'Volta a Menorca' which will take take place from 2 to 7 July. Like the previous editions this tour is set up to be quite an adventure just like previous editions (read the reports of Gert and Hans, 2008 and Boris, 2010 following these links).

Since only 1 Belgian fleet member is allowed, the results of the Pinkster Regatta were taken as qualification race (just like in Spain). Kristof 'nO Panic' applied to Nosepasa within the deadline and is highest ranked in the regatta. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to his report!

Apr 22

Season 2012 is approaching Although the weather doesn't show it yet, the sunny beach days are approaching. Note following events in your agenda:

- Beaufort Raid on 19 may

- Pinkster Regatta 26 & 27 may

More information can be found on the calendar

Feb 12

Bernard on podium together with Evi Van Acker Bernard was honoured in the Belgian Champion's celebration at Antwerp on friday february 10th. He received the charter from Evi Van Acker, European Champion and Vice World Champion Laser.

What he had to discuss with Evi remains a mystery, but we hope he invited her to come and try sailing our magnificent vessel !

Jan 28

Sailing season 2012 comming With the new season arriving, the most important dates are added to the calendar. Be sure to check it out! No more xcuses to miss our main events now.

Let the other sailors know you're comming. Each event has a special inscription form. If you're registered to this website you should be able to fill it out.

Sept 13

IV Long Distance Pictures & Downloads The pictures of the IV Twins Long Distance can now be accessed through the event page. You can find out more behind the tab "Calendar".

Some downloads are also made available for the members. Check out the tab "Patin à Véla". We very much recommend the North U Smart Course. This is the scanned version of the tactics and strategy guide provided by José Ferrer. But we encourage our members to propose other files. You can send them to webmaster@patin.be

Sept 5

Gallery added The pictures of our main events were taken from the old website and made available on the new one. Take a look at the gallery and relive the events.

If you have pictures and think they would fit great in the gallery. Please contact us so we can show them to our fellow Nosepasa VZW members.

Aug 23

New website launched Welcome on the renewed website of Patin.be! It is built to create more interaction with its users (thus the Nosepasa VZW members). The most important part of this site is definitely the calendar. Here you will stay updated about the comming events and can also find a little report and the race results of the past races.

To boost the interaction with our members there is also a feature added where patin owners can subscribe to the comming races. But keep in mind one needs to be registered before his boat can be added to the racing fleet of the event.

Other features for the recent future are some webpages about the sailing technique of our elegant wooden catamaran, downloads of sailing manuals for members, ... If you have a suggestion for the website, don't be shy.